History of Art and Architecture

Local High School Students Visit for College Day at Brown 2023

Local students from high schools such as Central Falls, Hope High, Classical, and E Cubed, visited the Department of the History of Art & Architecture to see what it's like to be a student in the department. Students were able to tour List Art Building, peek into classes, and examine and discuss the artwork found throughout the building.

Local High School Students Visit for College Day at Brown 2023To begin the tour, curator and Master's student in Public Humanities, Susana Turbay, spoke to students about what a curator is and does, and how she specifically thought through piecing together the exhibition currently hanging in the List first-floor lobby, Superimposed. Students also viewed the Visual Art class exhibition "Out of the Box," which is comprised of sculptures and installations made entirely from re-purposed cardboard, senior capstone exhibitions on the second floor, as well as the collage of student paintings, drawings, and installations in the List stairwells.

Visiting students concluded their time in the Department with a Q&A session with two senior concentrators, Derin Adurak (current HIAA Department Undergraduate Group Leader) and Tatiana Mandis (Editor and Founder of the Brown Arts Review).