History of Art and Architecture

Alumni Spotlights

Alumni from our undergraduate and graduate programs go onto careers around the globe and in specialties such as museum administration and archeological research.

Dominik Halás, History of Art & Architecture concentrator, is one of the youngest team members trusted by vintage, designer clothing reseller, the RealReal. for the New York Times writes, "Mr. Halás started buying and reselling secondhand clothes online as a teenager. “If I had $100 to invest, I would buy something on Japanese eBay and sell it on the U.S. site for $300,” he said. After graduating from Brown University, where he studied art history and architecture, he worked at showrooms including Goods and Services in New York, and then consulted for Helmut Lang before joining the RealReal."
Patrick Nasta '22, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and History. His career interests revolve around sustainable architectural design and renewable urban agriculture. Beginning in October '22 he will spend a year in Pollenzo, Italy on a Fulbright Scholarship to study for a Masters in Gastronomy with a focus on World Food Cultures and Mobility.
News from HIAA

Hui Hung Chen, Ph.D. '04

Hui-Hung Chen is currently a full professor in the Department of History at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. She received her Ph.D. from the Department of History of Art and Architecture, Brown University, U.S., in 2004. She was awarded a Visiting Scholar of the Harvard Yenching Institute, U.S., in 2013-2014.

Sarah Joan Moran Ph.D. '10

Sarah Moran recently edited the book, Women and Gender in the Early Modern Low Countries, 1500-1750 (Brill, 2019) which brings together research on women and gender across the Low Countries, a culturally contiguous region that was split by the Eighty Years' War into the Protestant Dutch Republic in the North and the Spanish-controlled, Catholic Hapsburg Netherlands in the South. Sarah is Associate Professor of Early Modern Art History at the University of Utrecht.