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PhD Student Dominic Bate to Teach Pre-College Course

PhD Student Dominic Bate to Teach Brown Pre-college Course titled, "The Grand Tour: Art and Travel in Eighteenth-Century Italy and Beyond"

By the eighteenth century, Italy had become a magnet for tourists from Northern Europe, especially Britain. Many of these visitors hoped to be “improved” by the peninsula’s warm climate and artistic riches, but they also expected to be entertained. From gambling parties to hikes up volcanoes, some of the entertainments on offer were considered even more exciting for being fraught with danger. By studying various travel experiences, we will explore how travelers’ understandings of both themselves and others were dramatically transformed.

The course will begin by considering who travelled to Italy in the eighteenth century, how they got there, and where they went. While the majority of tourists were wealthy young men, women also made the journey, as did numerous other individuals who accompanied them as tutors and guides, many of whom were artists and clerics. We will look at the different routes they took, as well as the destinations they reached, including Venice, Rome, and Naples.