History of Art and Architecture

Max Meyer

Graduate Student
Research Interests Architecture and wall paintings of Roman houses and elite villas; non-normative physical conditions in the ancient world; art and architecture of Anatolia in the Roman Imperial period; multi-sensory and phenomenological approaches to Roman art


Max Meyer is an art historian, archaeologist, and first year PhD student in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture. His research currently focuses on Roman domestic spaces and wall painting in Italy from the first centuries BCE and CE. Max is interested in the functional and experiential goals of elite Roman residences, the changing social and political dynamics that informed villa construction, and phenomenological approaches to understanding the lived experiences of ancient individuals with non-normative visual abilities. Max holds an MA in archaeology from Cornell University and a BA in classics and art history from New York University. Prior fieldwork experience includes work at Gabii, Hadrian’s Villa, and the Casa della Regina Carolina Project in Pompeii.