History of Art and Architecture

Mohadeseh Salari Sardari

Graduate Student
Research Interests History of Art and Architecture in the Iranian plateau


Mohadeseh Salari Sardari is an architectural historian and trained architect specializing in global modern architecture, architectural theory and criticism, and the history of art and architecture of the Iranian plateau. Her current project delves into the influence of French architects Andre Godard and Maxime Siroux, and the genesis of Iran's local modernity. This exploration is set against the backdrop of colonial and imperial power dynamics in Iran, all while acknowledging the pivotal contribution of Iranian elites and intellectuals. Her proposed dissertation research focuses on the pivotal role played by women in shaping the power structures, spatial production, and gendered spheres within early 20th-century Iranian architecture. This research aims to establish compelling parallels between these architectural dynamics and the evolving literary landscape, shedding light on the transformative paradigm shifts brought about by concurrent social, cultural, and geopolitical changes. In addition, Mohadeseh is pursuing a Doctoral Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Currently, she is completing a proctorship at the RISD Museum in the department of "Asian Art" and "Print, Drawing and Photography," where she explores the representation and reappropriation within the context of Iranian classical paintings, employing various archival sources at Brown University and the RISD Museum. Mohadeseh started her academic journey in architectural engineering. For her master's degree, she conducted a comprehensive study culminating in the design of a cultural center within the historically significant city of Bandar Lengeh. This project was characterized by a meticulous consideration of the preservation and integration of the area's historical fabric. Mohadeseh also designed a Women's Studies Center in Bandar Abbas for her bachelor's thesis. Additionally, Mohadeseh pursued an academic interest at the intersection of cinema and architecture, having earned a degree in filmmaking. She conducted an exploration into how spatial representation in film relates to and influences the architectural realm.