History of Art and Architecture

Sophie Higgerson

Graduate Student
Research Interests History of Architecture and Urbanism, Western Europe, 19th and 20th Century, Historic Preservation


Sophie Higgerson focuses on the modern architecture and urbanism of Western Europe. She is particularly interested in the aesthetic interchange in border spaces, the role of socio-political identity in architecture and town planning, reception studies, and contemporary historic preservation schema. Her dissertation focuses on the theorized and commercialized relationship between vernacular Alpine architecture and the modern movement. Sophie received her Bachelor’s in European Studies and Art History from the College of William and Mary (2019), where her senior thesis focused on the historical underpinnings and theoretical inadequacies behind the 2017 expansion of Strasbourg’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. She has held internships at Historic New England, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Recent News

At the CCA, Higgerson will be conducting research for her developing dissertation, tentatively entitled "Alpine Imaginaries: Organicism, Vernacularism, and Authenticity in the Modern Alps." The project aims to theorize a history of vernacular Alpine architecture's relationship with modernism through its varied and recurrent intersections with the movement.
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